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Through God, Muscle Craft Physiotherapy will provide evidence based interventions to clients via the continual pursuit of knowledge, wholesome patient education and individualized, patient centred care and programmes.


Unit 3, 5 Holborn Road, Kingston 5,

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Evidence Based Practice

Each patient is prescribed a personalised, evidence based treatment plan.

Trusted Practice

Consistent 4 and 5 star ratings from clients.

Experienced Therapist

Since 2012, our team has continually obtained specialist training in the underserved areas of Pelvic Floor, Lymphoedema Wound, and Aquatic Physiotherapy.

We Are Muscle Craft Physiotherapy

Crafted to Wholeness

Muscle Craft Physiotherapy is a leading innovator in the field of rehabilitation; restoring independence and mobility, decreasing pain and maximizing quality of life for not only Jamaicans but the Caribbean diaspora and the international sphere.

Dr. Savionne Francis

– CEO & Physiotherapist


Our Services

Muscle Craft Physiotherapy is a healthcare delivery service which primarily focuses on pain management and rehabilitation. We specialize in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Lymphoedema Management and Aquatic Therapy as well as alternative forms of Physiotherapy. We also provide health and wellness training for corporate entities. The business is multifaceted, offering both office and home visits.

Pelvic Floor Rehab

Pelvic Floor Rehab

Penises and Vaginas deserve to be taken care of too! We offer comprehensive management of conditions which affect the male and female pelvis and genitalia which are often ignored and left untreated.

Lymphoedema & Wound Management

Lymphoedema & Wound Management

Using Complete De-congestive Therapy, we manage the debilitating abnormal swelling known as Lymphoedema. This is a side effect of various conditions but most common of them all is cancer.

Functional Integrated Dry Needling

Functional Integrated Dry Needling

Monofilament needles are used to decrease the pain and tightness of muscles due to the inflammatory process. Whether you dislike needles or they don't bother you, these definitely don't hurt as badly as the medical doctors’ standard needle!

Standard Physiotherapy

Standard Physiotherapy

A little electrical stimulation, mixed with a dash of myofascial release, a cup of patient education, an ounce of neuromuscular training, a teaspoon of balance training and a whole lot of exercise. It’s just like making a cake! All these elements come together to create a great recipe for rehabilitation whether it’s for pain management or recovery from a stroke. Physiotherapy can help you from the womb to the tomb.

Health & Safety Seminars

Invest in the health and safety of your staff today! Topics Include:

Staff Ergonomic Evaluations,
Effective Ergonomic Substitutions in the Work from Home Era,
Lifting Techniques & Back Care,
Importance of Exercise and Exercise in the Workplace,
BMI Testing
Fitness Testing, and
Practical & Simulation Sessions.

Let us design a seminar for your company's needs!

"A Physiotherapist has the brain of a scientist, the heart of a humanist, and the hands of an artiste" - Unknown

“… I came to Dr. Savionne Francis for pain relief. She was able to identify my issue and treat me accordingly. She was patient and worked with my limitations. I will be sticking with Muscle Craft Physiotherapy to handle the flair-ups of my chronic condition.”

Candice Williams

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Personalised Service Guaranteed

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Our Clients Reviews

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I highly recommend Muscle Craft Physiotherapy -it has given me peace of mind for the past couple of years that Savionne has been working with my mom ( I live overseas ) -I know that once a week a trusted healthcare professional would “lie eyes “ on mommy and that was comforting.

    Charmaine Anthony
    Charmaine Anthony

    Knowledgeable.Dedicated.Kind. Dr. Francis is the consummate professional. She worked with both my grandfather and mother and I was extremely pleased with her level of patience and care. She took the time to educate us along the process and was more than willing to answer any questions we had.

      Terri-Ann Malabre
      Terri-Ann Malabre

      Very friendly and pleasant service. Helped me manage a painful back injury that was persistent. Love that she will do office visits if required.

        Derron Brown
        Derron Brown

        WOW! Where to begin? Professional, exceptional service from the first point of contact with Dr. Sav. She was so detailed in her approach and I didn't feel like "just another patient, with just another physiotherapy need" .... She took the time to listen then she responded to my needs. She demonstrated the take home exercises in detail (also explaining the relevance of each) importance AND followed up with me. As a dentist I tend to have back, shoulder and neck issues.... with the exercises Dr. Savionne Francis recommended my body feels brand new with consistency.

          Dr. Dayna Mitchell
          Dr. Dayna Mitchell


          "Each body is different, therefore, each rehabilitation must be different" - Joerg Teichmann

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